Our doctors use Zoom, Doxy and Medeo for our video appointments. Click on your pediatrician’s image or the icon below it to begin your video appointment with that doctor.

Pre appointment checklist:

  • Ensure you have completed all requested paperwork prior to your appointment
  • If your child has had a psyched, ADOS or developmental assessment please have a copy of the report easily accessible to you
  • Please know the names and doses of all medications and puffers your child is taking
  • See our FAQs for more information

Technical preparation:

  • Please ensure your video and audio are working properly before launching the video appointment.
  • If you are experiencing technical issues, click on the appropriate support link beneath your doctors image.
  • Please ensure any audio or video issues are rectified before beginning the session as the doctors are not able to resolve technical issues.

Once you have entered the virtual waiting room, the doctor will begin the session when they are ready. As is the case in a physical waiting room, your appointment may not start right away. Please wait for the doctor to begin the session. Do not disconnect the session if it does not begin on time.

We appreciate your patience and kindness towards our staff and physicians. Offensive language or behavior, or violence of any kind will not be accepted and will result in the termination of the professional relationship and return to your primary care provider. 

Dr. Karlina Breiks

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Dr. Steven Kent

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Dr. Krystal Cullen

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Dr. Katherine MacCulloch

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Dr. Henry Stringer

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