The physician may be calling from an unknown number, from our office number or from an Island Health number. Similar to an in-person appointment, doctors can sometimes run a little late. Please do not call the office to confirm your appointment is happening, unless the doctor is more than 20 minutes late.

Please ensure the following prior to your telephone appointment:

  • You will not be driving or operating any type of vehicle
  • You will be a in quiet location
  • You will not be interrupted for the duration of your appointment
  • You have completed all requested paperwork prior to your appointment
  • If your child has had a psyched, ADOS or developmental assessment please have a copy of the report easily accessible to you
  • Please know the names and doses of all medications and puffers your child is taking
  • Please see our FAQs for more information

We appreciate your patience and kindness towards our staff and physicians. Offensive language or behavior, or violence of any kind will not be accepted and will result in the termination of the professional relationship and return to your primary care provider.