We have limited waiting space. For the health and safety of you, your family, our patients and staff please be aware:

  • We follow all federal and provincial health and safety guidelines including those pertaining to COVID-19
  • We require patients and their families to wear a medical mask in our office (children under age 2 excluded). Masks are provided at the door if required.
  • We are unable to see you if anyone is actively unwell
  • We are unable to see you if you are in isolation due to COVID-19 exposure or illness
  • Please be conscious of social distancing


Lung function testing is done on children, usually age 6 years and older, for asthma and other respiratory conditions, for diagnosis and monitoring therapy. The child needs to take a full deep breath and blow strongly and prolonged until the end of expiration, into a sterile single use mouthpiece that has a filter in place. This may be repeated after their rescue inhaler (like Ventolin), so bring in your child’s inhalers and spacer device.


We perform skin prick tests for environmental triggers (such as house dust mites, pollens, pets) on the child’s forearm or back on smaller children. This can be done on children aged 2 years (if cooperative) and older. A needle is not involved, rather, a plastic duotip device that doesn’t hurt as the device is twisted gently on the first layer of the skin. The procedure takes about 15 minutes. There are some medications that affect the result, for example, oral antihistamines, that should be stopped 5 days before the visit.